The terms and conditions of registration of the FSK are deemed known and accepted from the first payment, (including atstake) and regardless of the payment method (cheque, credit card, cash or holiday cheques are accepted).

Any disclosure of banking information and any acceptance of a document from the FSK also involves knowledge and acceptance of the terms and conditions of registration. According to the article of the consumer code, people enrolled in a sports programme do not benefit from the seven-day retraction period. For registrations that take place less than thirty-one days before the departure date, the full price of the sports program is due to the FSK. For registrations more than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date, a down payment of 30% of the price of the sports program is required.

The full price of the sports program must be paid no later than thirty-one (31) days before departure. No registration will be registered by the FSK without payment of the corresponding deposit. The FSK reserves the right to refuse the intern's presence on the chosen sports program if the full price of the sports program is not paid before the departure date and will retain the sums paid under the cancellation penalties. All holiday cheque payments must be sent in a follow-up letter or a recommended letter with acknowledgement at FSK 1 rue du parana 44800 st Herblain France.


A) Your fact - Before departure

 Asking for modification excluding sports activity You can ask for a changes to sports programs no later than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date, by email. Any request for change sent less than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date, is considered a cancellation and entails the application of the fees Chapter 3 Cancellation. The renouncement of one of the benefits included in the sports programme will not be subject to any refund. Request to change the sport: Up to check-out and, within the limit of availability, you can make a request for a change for the sole purpose of sports activity (Excluding change impacting the place of accommodation or the dates of the stay) fees (50 euros). In addition, you will be asked to settle any differences in prices on the new sports programme.

Attention If the new sports programme is cheaper than the one originally chosen, the FSK does not will make no refund.

B) Due to the FSK- Before departure

The FSK may be forced to change a essential element of the sports program due to circumstances that do not would not be responsible, motives inspired by the public interest, or the participants' safety. The FSK will inform participants of these amendments, which may include a proposal for elements of the substitution. If you do not accept the proposed alternatives, you remain free to request the cancellation of your registration with the reimbursement of the sums already paid.

CC) Due to the FSK - After departure

During the internship, the program may undergo changes or accommodations, depending on safety requirements or climatic conditions of the moment. In this case, only those responsible for FSK management are empowered to make the necessary decisions. These changes will not be efarial.


A) On your own

Any cancellation notification must be made by email resa@sessionsurfmaroc.com . In all cases, the FSK will withhold a penalty fee calculated on the total price of the sports program and vary according to the cancellation date, depending on the conditions above.

In the event of cancellation of a sports program paid for in holiday vouchers, no refund can be made, the amount collected will be offered in the form of a credit on a future sports program.

Cancellation fees for programs.

Period before the start of the program.

More than 30 days 10%.                                         

Between 30 and 21 days 25%.                               

Between 20 and 15 days 50%.

Between 14 and 8 days 75%.

Between 7 days and the day of departure, or in case absence at the start without a 100% cancellation.

B) Due to the FSK

The FSK may be exceptionally forced to cancel your sports program if: security conditions require it in the event of unpredictable events.

The FSK will offer you, as far as possible, a sports program equivalent to a comparable cost that you will be free to accept. You will be informed of the cancellation and proposal of a new sports programme by the FSK as soon as possible. Any additional costs will remain at your expense. If this new sports programme is refused, the FSK will reimburse the sums already paid.

Apart from this refund, this cancellation does not entitle you to any compensation in any way.


The price of our sports programs includes sports activities, sports equipment, coaching, accommodation, catering and airport transport hotel and activities, (the price does not include flight).

The prices of our sports programs were calculated as accurately as they could according to the economic conditions known at the time of printing our documentation.

Ils sont applicables dès parution et jusqu’au jour de parution de l’édition suivante. Ils n’ont pas de valeur contractuelle et vous sont confirmés lors de votre inscription. Ils sont susceptibles de modifications éventuelles qui s’appliquent à toutes les personnes déjà inscrites ou désirant s’inscrire. Les promotions et réductions ne sont ni cumulatives, ni rétroactives. Une modification significative de l’une des données ci-dessous sera répercutée dans nos prix : le coût du transport lié notamment au coût du carburant, redevances et taxes diverses.


(Passport, Visas, Vaccination, etc.)

For each destination, a list of the necessary documents is provided for information exclusively.

The FSK cannot be held responsible as such. It is up to each participant to check with the relevant bodies and to verify the compliance of the documents essential to the chosen sports programme (especially for non-EU nationals).

You are responsible for the procedures and costs of obtaining these documents. In addition, in the event of non-compliance, the consequences that would result (refoulement at the border for lack of a visa or other mandatory document) as well as all costs incurred will remain the responsibility of the participant


Air transport remains your responsibility, alone Airport hotel transport will be provided. People are taken into care upon arrival at the airport.


Extreme caution is recommended during the sports program to avoid any incidents that could disrupt the normal course of the sports program not only for yourself but also for the whole group.

Each participant must comply with the rules of life on a Centre or during a travelling sports program taking place outdoors. The FSK reserves the right to exclude at any time a person whose behaviour may be considered to endanger the safety or well-being of other participants.

No compensation will be due as such. The FSK reminds that the introduction of alcohol is prohibited in a centre. A deposit guaranteeing the proper use of the premises and sports equipment available to you may be requested upon arrival. This bond does not take

In charge of any additional costs of repair or replacement of equipment. The amount of this deposit may be vary depending on the chosen sports program and/or sports equipment.


Sports programs are categorized according to intensity criteria. Each participant must follow the usual and proper rules of caution for physical activity.

We urge you to consult the technical and practical level charts of each activity and to read the documents that may be required for certain activities (medical certificate, patent, license, insurance etc.


The materials provided vary from program to program sports to the other. For some sports programs only collective equipment or "heavy" is provided (surfboards, kitesurfing, paddle, etc.) so you have to check in the practical information you receive dialled when you registered type of individual material take away.


Any sports equipment belonging to you remains your responsibility in case of theft or damage outside of us locals, the liability of the FSK cannot be sought as such. In addition, the FSK's responsibility cannot be sought in the event of theft or deterioration of your personal belongings during a travelling sports program taking place outdoors.

A deposit guaranteeing the proper use of the premises and sports equipment available to you may be requested upon arrival. The amount of this deposit may vary depending on the sports program chosen and/or the sports equipment.

The equipment entrusted by the FSK is your responsibility. If it deteriorates, you will be liable for the amount of the repair or replacement before you leave the centre.


For some sports programmes (on-site or on-site FSK can call on local technical partners. These are carefully selected for their good knowledge of the practice environment. They work in accordance with our notebook loads to ensure safety and quality.

13 - CLAIM

All complaints must be addressed, recommended letter with acknowledgement, accompanied by proof, by providing us with your file number, at: fsk 1 rue du parana 44800 st herblain France.

Any claim after departure, must be 15-day after the return date.


Under Section 27 of Act 78-17 of January 6, 1978 amended, the information requested of you is required for your registration to be processed by our services. Your answers are mandatory, the failure to reply makes it impossible for us to register by our services.

You have the right to correct and delete the data that concerns you. To practice it, send your request by mail to the following email address: resa@sessionsurfmaroc.com

Unless you advise otherwise, the FSK reserves the possibility to use the information to send you various documentations (mail, emails or SMS).

Any violation of the provisions of this Act is provided for and repressed by sections 226-16 to 226-24 of the Penal Code.

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