general terms and conditions of sale

The general conditions of registration of Session Surf Morocco are deemed known and accepted from the first payment, (including deposit) and whatever the method of payment (are accepted check, credit card or cash).
Any communication of banking information and any acceptance of document from Session Surf Morocco also imply knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions of registration. In accordance with the article of the code of consumption, the persons registered to a sports program do not benefit from the seven days retraction period. For registrations occurring less than thirty-one (31) days before the date of departure, the full price of the sports program is due to Session Surf Morocco. For registrations more than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date, a deposit of 30% of the price of the sports program is imperatively required.
The totality of the price of the sports program will have to be paid at the latest the third day from the date of arrival to the surf camp. No registration will be registered by Session Surf Maroc without the payment of the corresponding deposit. Session Surf Maroc reserves the right to refuse the presence of the trainee on the chosen sports program if the full price of the sports program is not paid before the date of departure and will retain the sums paid as penalties for cancellation.
A) On your part – Before departure
 Request for modification outside of the sports program: You may request a modification to the sports programs no later than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date, by e-mail. Any request for modification sent less than thirty-one (31) days before the departure date is considered as a cancellation and will result in the application of the cancellation fees provided for in Chapter 3 – Cancellation. No refunds will be made for cancellations of any of the services included in the sports program. Request for modification of the sport activity: Until the day before departure and within the limits of availability, you can make a request for modification of the sport activity only (except modification impacting the place of accommodation or the dates of the stay) for a fee (50 €). You will also be asked to pay any price difference on the new sports program.
Attention: if the new sports program is less expensive than the one chosen initially, Session Surf Maroc will not proceed to any refund.
B) Because of Session Surf Morocco – Before departure
Session Surf Maroc may be forced to change an essential element of the sports program due to circumstances that are not attributable to him, reasons inspired by the general interest, or the safety of participants. Session Surf Maroc will inform participants of such changes, which may include a proposal for alternative elements. If you do not accept the proposed alternatives, you are free to request the cancellation of your registration with a refund of amounts already paid.
C) Because of Session Surf Morocco – After departure
During the course, the program may undergo changes or adjustments, depending on safety requirements or weather conditions of the moment. In this case, only those responsible for the supervision of Session Surf Maroc are entitled to take the necessary decisions. These changes will not result in any refund.
A) By you
Any notification of cancellation must be made by email . In all cases, Session Surf Morocco will retain a penalty fee calculated on the total price of the sports program and varying according to the date of cancellation, according to the conditions listed above.
Cancellation fees for programs.
Period before the start of the program.
+ More than 30 days 30 %.                                         
Between 30 and 21 days 35%.                               
Between 20 and 15 days 50 %.
Between 14 and 8 days 75 %.
Between 7 days and the day of departure, or in case of absence at departure without prior cancellation 100%.
B) Because of Session Surf Morocco
Session Surf Morocco may be exceptionally forced to cancel your sports program if: safety conditions require it in case of unforeseeable events.
Session Surf Maroc will offer you as far as possible an equivalent sports program at a comparable cost that you are free to accept. You will be informed of the cancellation and the proposal of a new sports program by Session Surf Morocco as soon as possible. Any additional costs will be your responsibility. In case of refusal of this new sports program Session Surf Morocco will refund the amounts already paid.
Apart from this reimbursement, this cancellation does not give right to any compensation whatsoever.
The prices of our sports programs are calculated as follows: 30 % for the management and the reservation which is to be paid as a deposit at the time of the reservation and 70 % to be paid on the spot to our partner Session Surf Maroc private includes the sports activities, the sports material, the supervision, the accommodation, the restoration and the transport airport hotel and activities, (the price does not include the flight).
The prices of our sports programs have been calculated as accurately as possible according to the economic conditions known at the time of printing our documentation.
They are applicable from the date of publication until the date of publication of the next edition. They have no contractual value and are confirmed to you when you register. They are subject to change and apply to all persons already registered or wishing to register. Promotions and discounts are neither cumulative nor retroactive. A significant change in any of the following data will be reflected in our prices: the cost of transportation, especially the cost of fuel, fees and various taxes.
(Passport, Visas, Vaccination, etc.)
For each destination a list of necessary documents is provided for information purposes only.
The responsibility of Session Surf Morocco can not be held for this. It is up to each participant to get information from the concerned organizations and to check the conformity of the documents necessary for the chosen sports program (in particular for the persons not nationals of the European Union).
You are responsible for obtaining these documents. Moreover, in case of non-conformity, the consequences that would result (refoulement at the border for lack of visa or other mandatory document) as well as all the expenses incurred will remain the responsibility of the participant.
Extreme caution is recommended during the sports program in order to avoid any incident that could disrupt the normal course of the sports program not only for yourself but also for the whole group.
Each participant must comply with the rules of life on a center or during a sports program taking place in the open air. Session Surf Morocco reserves the right to exclude at any time a person whose behavior can be considered as endangering the safety or welfare of other participants.
No compensation will be due for this. Session Surf Morocco reminds that the introduction of alcohol is prohibited in a center. A deposit guaranteeing the proper use of the premises and sports equipment made available to you may be requested upon arrival. This deposit does not cover
Any additional costs for repairs or replacement of equipment. The amount of this deposit may vary according to the chosen sports program and/or the sports equipment.
The sports programs are classified according to intensity criteria. Each participant must comply with the usual rules of caution and specific to the practice of physical activities.
We strongly invite you to consult the technical and practical level charts for each activity and to take note of the documents that may be required for certain activities (medical certificate, license, insurance, etc.).
The materials provided vary from one sports program to another. For some sports programs only collective or “heavy” equipment is provided (surfboards, kitesurf, paddle, etc.). You should therefore check in the practical information you receive when you register what type of individual equipment to bring.
Any sports equipment belonging to you remains under your responsibility in case of theft or damage outside our premises, the responsibility of Session Surf Morocco can not be sought in this regard. In addition, the responsibility of Session Surf Morocco can not be sought in case of theft or damage to your personal belongings occurring during a sports program taking place outdoors.
A deposit guaranteeing the good use of the premises and the sports equipment at your disposal may be requested upon your arrival. The amount of this deposit may vary depending on the chosen sports program and / or sports equipment.
The equipment entrusted by Session Surf Maroc is under your responsibility. In case of damage to it, you will be liable for the amount of repair or replacement before your departure from the center.
For some sports programs (on sites or itineraries), Session Surf Morocco can call upon local technical partners. They are carefully selected for their good knowledge of the practice environment. They work in accordance with our specifications guaranteeing safety and quality.
All complaints must be sent by email to
Any complaint after departure, must be addressed within the imperative deadline of fifteen days after the date of return.
In application of article 27 of the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 modified, the information which is asked to you is necessary so that your inscription can be treated by our services. Your answers are mandatory, the lack of answer making impossible your registration by our services.
Unless otherwise specified by you, Session Surf Morocco reserves the right to use the information to send you various documents (mail, email or SMS).
Any violation of the provisions of this law is provided and punished by articles 226-16 to 226-24 of the Penal Code.