The Agadirien Ramzi Boukhiam won the Hang Loose Pro stage of the World Surfing Championship.

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The Agadirien Ramzi Boukhiam won the stage of Hang Loose Pro of the World Surfing Championship.

World Surfing :

The number one Moroccan surfer, Ramzi Boukhiam won Sunday the stage of the World Surfing Championship held on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha and more precisely on the beach of Cacimba Do Padre.
Constant throughout the surfing competition, Ramzi Boukhiam defeated the Brazilian Weslley Dantas in the final.
In 1/2, he had already defeated another Brazilian, in the presence of Jadson Andre.
With this result, Ramzi went from 163rd to 2nd place in the QS world circuit, behind Wiggolly Dantas.
On the French side, the only ones who made it to the 8th final were Joan Duru and Maxime Huskenot. The first was eliminated by Toledo while the second lost to Ian Gouveia.
For the QS world ranking, Maxime Huscenot is 4th while Joan Duru is 20th.
Who is Ramzi Boukhiam !
Ramzi Boukhiam is a professional surfer born on September 14, 1993 in Agadir, southern Morocco.
He placed 6th overall at the 2019 World Surf league Games, qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics as the highest placed African surfer.
He competed in the men’s surfing event at the Tokyo Olympics, where he was eliminated in the third round by Frenchman Michel Bourez.

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