The village of Taghazout is a leading destination for surfers.

Taghazout village
The village of Taghazout is the leading destination for surfers.
The village of Taghazout is the flagship destination for surfers, both experienced and beginners. It is one of the top 3 destinations in the world to learn to surf.
There are world famous surf spots: killer point, source, anchor point, panorama.
Geography : 
The village of Taghazout is located geographically: 30° 31′ 59″ N, 9° 42′ 00″ W1. It is at the edge of the Atlantic, 20.5 km from the city of Agadir, by taking the national road N 12.
The beaches of Taghazout enjoys a mild climate that bathes the coastline with sunshine almost all year round.
Rainfall can reach 400 mm per year, even more on the mountains, the showers are violent but short-lived.
The mildness of the climate is due to the Atlantic Ocean, but also to the protection of the mountains and the argan forest around the village. 
The temperature almost never drops below 22°C during the day in winter, and the water temperature remains around 18°C. 
But temperatures can rise to more than 40 °C in summer.
With sandy winds from the Moroccan Sahara. 
but this does not last more than three days. In general, the heat falls at night, moderated by the Atlantic Ocean.

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